contra mundum
“My name is Evelyn Waugh I go to Heath Mount school I am in the Vth form, Our Form Master is Mr Stebbing. We all hate Mr Cooper, our arith master. It is the 7th day of the Winter Term which is my 4th. Today is Sunday so I am not at school. We allways have sausages for breakfast on Sundays I have been watching Lucy fry them they do look funny before their kooked. Daddy is a Publisher he goes to Chapman and Hall office it looks an offely dull plase. I am just going to Church. Alec, my big brother has just gorn to Sherborne. The wind is blowing dreadfuly I am afraid that when I go up to Church I shall be blown away. I was not blown away after all.”

- ‘My History,’ by Evelyn Waugh (aged 7.)

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